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Sewing Stitches 101: Which Stitch is Right For Your Project?

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When I first learned how to sew, one of the things I struggled the most with was deciding which stitch to use for my hand-sewing projects. For a while, I just used the same stitch for everything and that resulted in many ruined projects! I wish that I knew the difference between them all when I first started. A guide like this would have been incredibly handy!

If you’re new to the art of sewing and the art of choosing the correct sewing stitch for your hand-sewn projects, never fear! Once you learn the difference between the different stitches, choosing one is almost too easy. Below, I’ve outlined the different sewing stitches and their uses for you.

Running Stitch

The running stitch is the most simple of all the sewing stitches and it’s also the one that is most frequently used. You can use this stitch for sewing projects that require gathering, basting or tucking. You can create your own running stitch by starting from the backside of the fabric (taking care to knot the end of your thread first). Once the knot hits the fabric, you can continue with the exact same method when adding stitches to the left or right. Stitches should be super close together.

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