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22 Must-Know Winter Weather Hacks

Screws in your running shoes is very similar to chains on tires, just don’t place any near your sole.


Use just about dead alkaline batteries for a convenient hand warmer.


Place some tin foil down below your fire, it should collect all the ash and makes for easy cleanup.


Don’t let winter ruin your new year running plans, get yourself some running leggings, plus you look like you know what you’re doing even if you don’t.


Mix 1 cup water, 2 quarts rubbing alcohol, and 1 teaspoon of dishwasher detergent. Mix it and its windshield ready. Use this to help de-ice and prevent foggy windows!


Use old quilts as curtains to help keep the heat inside, perfect for campers and trailers.


Open your curtains, I know the sun is scary, especially after you’ve emerged from your Gilmore Girls coma.


Leave your oven open after baking, it’ll warm your home and radiate of chocolate chip cookies.


When you park outside, park facing East, the sun will defrost your windows for you.


Put some tinfoil behind your heater of sorts, it should circulate the heat in your cozy room.


Run your ceiling fan on low and spin it clockwise, it’ll push the warm air that rose to the ceiling back down to you.


Shoveling snow is tedious as it is, never get clumpy snow stuck to your shovel again by spraying some cooking oil on it before heading outside.


You just need a single clay pot, a few large stones, and a candle, for some extra warmth.


Keeping all doors shut in your home during winter will trap the heat in, and it keeps your house and inhabitants totally warm!


Use a broom for light snow, requires less effort and leaves less snow behind.


Use pipe insulation to block that pesky draft.


Warm a water bottle and put it under your covers for 5-10 minutes and you’ll never want to leave again.


Put some plastic bags on your sock bearing feet, they’ll never be wet again. Your family might question your sanity, but that’s okay! You’ll be warm!


Stick some socks on your windshield wipers to keep them from freezing and they could potentially land a Nike sponsorship of their own.


Cut out insoles in wool to keep those feet comfy and toasty.


Say goodbye to that ugly Christmas sweater and hello to ugly Christmas mittens.


Rub some wax in to your sneakers, don’t let winter defeat you and your pumped up kicks.



Winter Weather, Winter Weather Hacks, Winter TIps, How to Surivive Winter, Winter Weather Tips and Tricks, Winter Holiday, Life Hacks, Easy Tips and Tricks, Easy Life Hacks


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