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14 Darling DIY Chandeliers

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Hoop Light

A minimalist light perfect for your shipping container home.


Fabric Chandelier

Its a celebration and this chandelier has to be there!


Hanging Flower Chandelier

The prettiest chandelier on this list just so happens to also be the easiest. Click the link in the header for the tutorial!


Gold Dipped Chandelier

“I know everything that shine won’t t always be gold.” But in this case, it definitely is.


Cloth Chandelier

If a soft, warm glow is the look you’re going for, you found it with this cloth chandelier.


Confetti Chandelier

Its always a party under this beauty.


Crystal Chandelier

Double rainbow, man.


Yarn Chandelier

Simple and colorful! Just keep out of reach of any curious cats.


Handmade Chandelier

You know those genius light bulb like ideas you have about your outfit while in your closet? Now the lightbulb above your head can really “ding” on.


Garden Chandelier

Have your backyard feeling like a fairy tale in a moments notice.


Paint Swatch Chandelier

How much shade can a lamp shade covered in shades of color, shade? Say that three times fast.


Wax Paper Chandelier

A hole punch and a little sewing is all you need for a clean and classy light fixture.


Wooden Chandelier

This looks like something you’d see in a architecture museum, or Ikea…


Neon Yarn Chandelier

I know you have leg warmers of these colors. Don’t lie, I do as well!


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