I’m Stitch. Yes, Stitch.  And I am a human, not a Golden Retriever.  Thank you for visiting my itty bitty corner of the interweb that I get to detail all the juicy happenings of my life. I love {and I mean LOVE} to find a good thrift store bargain and make it over.  Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive.  It also doesn’t have to be original. The fun part of finding other fabulous ideas, is making it your own and coming up with ways to make it unique to your space.

I also really like my husband. I would probably choose to do a all my thrift store recycle projects with him right by my side.  He contributes to {or tolerates} my madness.  Oh, and he also gave me 4 {F.O.U.R.} beautiful babies that are pretty great, too.

I will be sharing organization ideas, home decor, color palettes, paint {oooh, I L.O.V.E paint}, craft tutorials and DIY home projects.  If you like any of these things, please stay and play 🙂

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  • Julie Hatchett

    I love your website. I love everything that you like. For me family comes first, then diy and painting and working on our home. It really is amazing when you get something done. I love to paint, it really relaxing to me. I been married to my husband for 33 yrs and we have 2 beautiful sons. I love to make beautiful wreaths and have found SAMs has the most beautiful ribbons and today I got mesh for 3 dollars a roll. That is really great price. I am going to put your website on my list so I can visit your website real often. Have fun with your family. They are so precious.

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