10+ Gifts to Sew For Your Friends| Sewing Crafts, Sewing, Sewing Projects, DIY Gifts, Handmade Gifts, Handmade Gifts for Friends, Sewing Patterns #Sewing #DIYGifts #HandmadeGifts #SewingPatterns
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10+ Gifts to Sew For Your Friends

10+ Gifts to Sew For Your Friends| Sewing Crafts, Sewing, Sewing Projects, DIY Gifts, Handmade Gifts, Handmade Gifts for Friends, Sewing Patterns #Sewing #DIYGifts #HandmadeGifts #SewingPatterns


The holidays are quickly approaching, and it’s time to whip out our sewing machines and our favorite patterns….What are your favorite things to sew for your friends? I only recently got into the art of sewing, but have had a lot of fun with everything I’ve made so far. I’m starting to check people of my Christmas list…and I think I’ll check off a few more with these DIY sewing projects.

Patchword Scarf {Polka Dot Chair}

My favorite part of this scarf is the pom-pom trim! It looks effortlessly bohemian, and is becoming one of my favorite clothing trends. I especially like this project because you could use up many of your like-colored fabric scraps!


Ribbon Tied Tablet Cover {Lil Luna}

Did you just pick up a great new fabric (I love to get mine at Michael’s) ? Show it off with an adorable ribbon-tie tablet cover. It keeps your iPad safe from any inside-the-purse spills, and is just so darn cute to carry around.


Crosshatch Quilt {Flamingo Toes}

I think that this project might be a little too advanced for me, but I think it would make for an awesome gift! The quilt looks super cozy, and the colorful pattern would be a great mid-winter pick-me-up.


Zipper Pencil Case {Craft Passion}

A perfect gift for the crazy crafter that lives next door….fill a hand-sewn pencil case with colorful markers, colored pencils, or other writing utensils! I promise, these look a lot more complicated than they actually are!

Drawstring Bags {A Spoonful Of Sugar Designs}

Stuff a homemade drawstring bag with delicious Christmas candies or homemade holiday treats. I really like the idea of picking holiday themed fabric to really make it feel like Christmas.

Pssst…you will have to hand sew the lace accessories..but I think the end result is worth it!

Ironing Board Organizer {Flamingo Toes}

My Mom is honestly the most disorganized sewer I have ever seen, and I think that I might be a close second. I can’t wait to make this ironing board organizer for her! It has pockets for your fabric markers, scissors, and just about everything else. Check out that pin cushion!

Homemade Luggage Tag {SouBelles}

Do you have a friend who is SUPER excited to get away for the holidays? This is the perfect gift for anyone headed to Hawaii or anyone skiing in Tahoe!  Let them know that you’ll miss them with a note on the other side!

Lavender Scented Heat Packs {A Spoonful of Sugar Designs}

I make it a point to DIY a set of lavender scented heat packs at the beginning of the holiday season. Even if you don’t have any aches and pains, they’re the best thing to snuggle up with on a cold, snowy night.

Pajama Gift Set {Melly Sews}

I know we aren’t the only family out there who looks forward to a set of Christmas jammies every year. It’s kind of our tradition! Instead of wrapping up a set of store bought pajamas, make your kiddos a set of hand-sewn ones instead! But it gets better; they show you how to make a carrying bag as well!

Fabric Basket {Flamingo Toes}

Got an extra half hour while the kiddos are down for a nap? Bust out one of these babies! Fill it with crafting materials, a spa day nail set, or even ingredients with a favorite recipe. The options are endless with this fast fabric basket!

Garden Apron {Craft Therapy}

Help a fellow gardener keep hers (or his!) tools at easy access with this easy sewing project. Think of how efficient you could be with everything at your finger tips!

Messenger Bag {Crazy Little Projects}

I know a teacher or two who would love a new bag to carry things from home and school!

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