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14 Handmade Wreaths Perfect for Your Spring Porch

Little Chicks Easter Wreath

Swap the chicks with peeps and you’ll have an extra sweet wreath!


Grapevine Easter Wreath

I heard through the grapevine about a very cute Easter wreath.


Rustic Easter Wreath

The only thing cuter than regual Easter bunnies are rustic Easter bunnies.


Nest with Crackle Easter Eggs Wreath

Confuse your guests with an Ostrich egg for extra hilarity.


Cute Pink Easter Wreath

You’ll need lots of yarn for this one, all you need to do is ask Grandma for her leftovers!


Easter Bunny Wreath

Dress your porch bunny in his Sunday best!


Creative DIY Easter Wreath

This wreath is bound to nest some little feather friends!


Bunny Wreath

Because who doesn’t need a “His and Hers” bunny?


Rustic Easter Wreath

I know you have an extra plush bunny laying around that Tommy gave you in 5th grade.


Cupcake Holder Easter Wreath

Cupcakes + Easter = The greatest holiday and festive treat ever.


Jewel Toned Easter Door Wreath

Who said Easter decorations had to be soft pastel colors? Boring people that’s who! Experiment with bright blues and dramatic orange hues!


‘Ring’ in Spring Wreath

I believe this is the very wreath hanging outside of the Groundhog’s house. One can speculate, anyway!


Deco Mesh Easter Wreath

Luna Lovegood needs an Easter Wreath too.


Easter Spring Monogram Burlap Wreath

What’s a wreath article without burlap and a monogram letter accent?!


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