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One Dollar Valentines Day DIYs


Budgeting is hard, especially when you love to decorate but don’t have all the funds needed to pull off some holiday magic. I really try and make an effort to give my kiddos the best holiday memories…and sometimes that means shelling out more than a dollar or two. If you’re like me, learn how you can save some serious money with these one dollar Valentines Day DIY projects.

Hang this on your door, above your fireplace, or in a frame. There isn’t a place throughout the home that this wouldn’t look great propped up against. Use pom poms and a wreath frame from Michaels.

This centerpiece seriously only cost a dollar to make. You can use twigs salvaged from your landscaping! In fact, head on over to this blogger’s site to see how she decorated her ENTIRE mantel for only $10. I’m definitely stealing a few of her tips and tricks!

This centerpiece is so adorable that I may just consider leaving it out a few weeks past Valentines Day. The hearts are made from paper mache and string!

These heart shaped garlands are 3-D and that’s what makes them so incredible. The garlands are easy enough to make, and your can recruit your kids to help you! I used fishing line and construction paper to recreate this in my own home.

If you have a stash on unused buttons break ’em out for this DIY project. You can use a variety of red and pink buttons for extra color on your mantlepiece. Additionally, a piece of vintage jewelry makes a great accent if you have a necklace sitting around.

A Valentines Day centerpiece is as easy as displaying white candles on a cake stand. Red berries really tie everything to together!

Make your own holiday calendar out of paint chips found at a home improvement store. Cut and fold them into 3D hearts and glue them onto your calendar. This would look darling on your wall!

At the end of the day, this DIY pom pom garland won’t cost you more than $1.50 to make. Head to the Dollar Store for pom poms and use fishing wire or floss (seriously, I’ve totally done this before) to string everything together.

Looking for a simple holiday decor piece for your mantlepiece? Wrap twine around white candles, and hot glue pieces of felt to the twine. Be careful while burning these, though!



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