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    Simple And Must Know Garden Hacks

    I’ve only been gardening for a few years now, and I’ve already learned so many incredible things! My mom has been thrilled to share all of her garden hacks with me and her wisdom has been greatly appreciated. After all, it can be hard to learn to garden on your own! But that’s why I’m here to help. Regardless of if you are a new gardener, or an expert, knowing these garden hacks is a total necessity. Simple And Must Know Garden Hacks Use An Empty Wine Bottle To Water When You’re Away  Don’t trust your neighbors to water your plants appropriately while you’re away on a business trip or…

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    10+ Trendy Indoor Plants

      Who knew that indoor plants could be trendy? I was shopping at Trader Joe’s the other day and laughed to myself when the employee working in the floral section told me how “trendy”  dwarf fruit trees are. I laughed at the word “trendy” and then was immediately intriuged. Could I really learn how to grow my own citrus indoors? Turns out, you can actually grow a LOT indoors. Check out my favorite options: Citrus Yes! I wasn’t lying before…you can really PLANT and grow your own citrus, indoors! Grow the miniature meyer lemons for an burst of summer even in mid winter. These plants do require a lot of…

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    Bedside Plants for Better Sleep

      Are you itching for a better sleep? Aren’t we all? What if the secret to a more sound sleep lay within a bedside plant? And what if I told you that I wasn’t lying? Dig in and find your inner green thumb, these plants just may help you sleep better! Snake Plants Snake Plants are said to help purify the air in your bedroom by filtering oxygen. It improves the atmosphere of your home, helping you to get to sleep and stay asleep! Also, Snake Plants are extremely low maintenance. They don’t require too much oxygen, or sunlight. It’s perfect for a dark bedroom corner!   Lavender Lavender plants…