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10 Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces


10 Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Cornucopias are pretty classic for Thanksgiving and it looks great as a centerpiece! You can make it as simple or complex as you want; just make it look good!

10 Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces2

Make a beautiful arrangement of flowers for your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Choose flowers and other foliage that has fall colors—yellows, oranges, browns, reds, etc.

10 Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces3

If you can work some candles and rustic wooden pieces into your centerpiece, that would be fantastic. They give you a warm and homey feeling—great for Thanksgiving.

10 Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces4

Try a simple but beautiful basket for your Thanksgiving centerpiece. It can be a combination of whatever materials you want; just make it look great.

10 Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces5

This is beautiful! It’s a combination of pumpkin shapes and fall foliage! You can make as many as you need, whatever size you need, so your table looks great.

10 Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces6

Make a combination of fall foliage and some silver cookware for this year’s centerpiece. Add some greens to the table and you should be good.

10 Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces7

Pinecones are a classic Thanksgiving decoration material, so work them into your centerpiece. Choose pinecones of different shapes and size to make your centerpiece look great.

10 Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces8

Use pumpkins, squashes, and gourds as containers for your fall foliage and flower collection. Put down a classic Thanksgiving table runner and you should be great!

10 Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces9

Try some simple glass vases and containers along with a few fall leaves to make a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Put candles in the containers and you’re good!

10 Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces10

This is such a great idea! Take a small log and use it for your centerpiece. You can even cut some notches into it to hold tiny candles for your dinner!

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