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20 Thanksgiving Table Scape Ideas



  • Get pumpkins of all different sizes and paint them gold. Then just use them as decorations for your Thanksgiving table scape!
  • Take a pumpkin, gut it out, and put a flower arrangement inside of it! Use flowers with fall colors that match the orange of the pumpkin. You can make as many of these pumpkin vases as you want.
  • Mix together fall foliage and candles. You can get pinecones, nuts, leaves, branches, whatever you want. And then just mix it with all different types of candles.
  • Pretty much anything burlap looks great for a Thanksgiving table scape. You’ll obviously want to combine it with a few other elements, but burlap is great for this time of year.
  • Ge tiered stands and put pumpkins on each one of different size. It provides a nice visual and adds a bit more emphasis and dynamic to the table than just an even table scape.


  • Make a mixture of stumps of wood and candles. Choose a color of candle that complements the wood well. It looks great and is very Thanksgiving themed!
  • Get some wheat bushels and use them as part of your table scape. They look great in blue vases, but you can use whatever you want to hold them.
  • Get a bunch of candles and wrap them with paper that have letters on them to spell out a word. You could do “thanks” or “peace” or whatever you want!
  • Get some clear jars and containers and then fill them with popcorn kernels. The colors are great for Thanksgiving, plus it’s corn! Add a candle into the candle for added effect.
  • Make any combination of nuts, pinecones, leaves, berries, twigs, and whatever else you want. The more rustic looking, the better.


  • Get a strong, sturdy branch that you can lay across the table and then hang mini pumpkin decorations from the offshoots. Not only is this super cute, but it’s a great Thanksgiving table scape.
  • Take some gourds and use those as decorations for your table scape. If you want, you can even paint the gourds and turn them into vases to hold other fall flowers!
  • Find a branch that has a good color and good size and use it as the centerpiece for your table. If you want, you can even paint the branch to look better!
  • Take tall, thin vases and fill them with fall colored leaves. Make sure you get enough of different colors to have a good effect on the table scape.
  • You can also take the same tall and thin vases and put mini pumpkins inside of them. Put a few on the table that everyone can enjoy looking at!


  • Make or buy a fantastic cornucopia that you can put at the center of your Thanksgiving tablescape! Fill it with all of your favorite Thanksgiving items!
  • Use decorative ideals as décor for your tablescape. You can combine them with any other items that match the theme and color of the antlers!
  • Get those tall, elegant candles and bookend your centerpiece and table scape with them. Add to the mixture all sorts of Thanksgiving vegetables, leaves, nuts, etc.
  • Make a colorful corn display for your Thanksgiving table scape. There are lots of different types and color of corn, so find a few (or get the artificial kind), and put them in a bowl to be a table scape.
  • Get a nice, rustic, wooden tray and use it to store pinecones and other rustic elements inside. You can add a candle or two for added effect to play with the other rustic items.

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