12 Things You Can Build With Old 2x4s| Craft Projects, Easy Craft Projects, Repurpose Crafts, Easy Repurpose Crafts, 2x4 Craft Projects, 2x4 Tutorials, Popular Pin. #CraftProjects #EasyCraftProjects #Crafts
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12 Things You Can Build With Old 2x4s

12 Things You Can Build With Old 2x4s| Craft Projects, Easy Craft Projects, Repurpose Crafts, Easy Repurpose Crafts, 2x4 Craft Projects, 2x4 Tutorials, Popular Pin. #CraftProjects #EasyCraftProjects #Crafts


All of us avid DIYers all have one thing in common…after a ton of projects…we end up with a plethora of unused 2x4s. I’ve had a pile of old wood sitting in the corner of my garage for months, and I tell you what; I am SO tired of looking at it. This one is for you, my fellow DIYers, it’s time to make that pile of 2x4s a little less bigger than it once was…

Brand New Bench

Planning on pimpin’ up your porch come Spring? No porch is complete without a wooden bench with tons of fluffy throw pillows. Because it is going outdoors, you will have to cover the wood with some kind of sealant to protect it.


Storage Space

Perfect for any living room, bedroom, or even a kitchen! DIY shelving space is a terrific way to add livable storage space to your home, without sacrificing too much! You can skip the metal framing in the back, but I love it’s rustic feel!


(Another) Outdoor Bench

I thought this was an outdoor buffet table for the longest time! But, it’s a bench, and a gorgeous one at that. A weathered paint finish and two “X” frames make this bench look like something straight off of Joanna Gaine’s front porch.


Blanket Ladder

Save storage space in your living room while keeping those fuzzy blankets at arms reach! You’ll only need two of those 2x4s from your garage…don’t worry…I have a few more projects to get rid of the rest!

Tic Tac Toe

Next summer, I’m pretty sure this would be the hit of the neighborhood! 2x4s, a coat of paint, and some stenciled lettering make for the coolest jumbo tic tac toe board. The most time intensive part of this project is the box that the pieces sit in!

Sunrise Shelf

Take a load off your bathroom countertop and store it on a “sunrise shelf,” instead! This is a great place to display your bathroom plants, pictures, or even stash some necessities!

Coffee Table

My family has had the same coffee table for YEARS. A few months ago, we got a new puppy, and quickly came to learn that our little ball of fluff can easily jump onto the coffee table. While training is still in progress…I’ve decided that we desperately need a new coffee table. I think this one will do the trick!


Are you really a DIYer until you had to break out that good ole’ pair of sawhorses? No way, jose! These sawhorses are easy to make, and easily stackable to save tons of space in your garage.

Fire Pit Bench

Because dragging out the folding chairs, and then putting them away kind of ruins the whole “summer vibe.” Stain your furniture for a rustic look that cannot be beat.

Giant Jenga

Because your tic tac toe set would have been lonely hanging out in the backyard, alone! Give your kids another backyard game that will keep them outdoors, and out of your hair for hours at a time!

Garage Shelving

Create vertical shelving that maximizes your garage space without spending a ton of money. Clear the clutter, and get to cutting the pieces for this shelving project!


It can be difficult to find barstools that are the correct height for your countertop. Forget the hassle of buying, and DIY instead!

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