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20 Ways to Fall In Love With Your Home Again

Faux Thick Baseboard

Thicken your baseboards by adding trim above and then painting the space in between.



Existing Mirror Makeover

If you were already considering a mirror frame, try adding a shelf, and a thickened mirror frame to give your bathroom an upgraded and homey touch.



Color splashed ceilings

Once you’ve hit a wall, look up! Its easy to forget the canvas above your head! Painting your ceiling can help brighten up a room, and make it look bigger.



Entry Doors Paint-Over

Maybe you want to separate space, maybe you want to bring it all together, whatever it may be, painting your door is great start to a fresher look!



TV Frame

C’mon we all know the focal point of the room is the tv, may as well dress it up a bit!



Wall Transformation

Textures and paint are great, but don’t forget about other materials.



Get a New Faucet

You’ll be surprised how great a new faucet makes improves your life! I love the look of this stainless steel piece!



Raised Flowerbeds

In less than an hour you can have yourself a garden free from insects and other “baddies.”



Hardware Update

Doorknobs and handles are surprisingly overlooked when it comes to simple home upgrades.



Glamorous Outlets

For all your high-maintenance charging needs. How great does that gold Washi tape look?



Entry Order

Organization on the entry table is essential. Adding decor pieces like the globe, filing cabinet, and the charging station helps to ensure that your entry table doesn’t become a catch-all for clutter.



Inviting Entrance

Landscaping and a warm hue on the door is very welcoming!



Accessory Organization Takedown

Tame that electronics drawer with a silverware organizer!



Brighter Kitchen

A light fixture will brighten and captivate any windowed room. Update yours for an instantly brighter kitchen.



Yard Boost

Plants, pots and paint are all you need to bring life back to your porch or patio space.



Paint or Paper?

If done right, wallpaper can be beautiful. Peel and stick wallpaper is great if you’re living in a rental–it’s almost too easy to remove!



Hardware Update

Its 2017 after all, time to get with it! Update your retro kitchen hardware!



Look Up

From paint schemes to chandeliers, your ceiling is a go-to area for home decor and style. Don’t forget to update your light fixtures!



A More Efficient Fireplace

Try gas or wood burning for best results.



Medicine Makeover

Organize that makeover cabinet because you should, and because your husband will thank you dearly.


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