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25 Cheap Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween porch decor, Halloween, Halloween decor, DIY porch, DIY home, holiday decor, holiday porch decor, Halloween holiday, popular pin, DIY.


25 Cheap Halloween Decor Ideas

  • Buy one of those cheap Christmas villages from the dollar store and then turn it into a haunted village! You just need some black spray paint and a few other items and you’re good to go!
  • Make your own cutout bats that you can put anywhere in the yard or house. You can hang them from the ceiling, put them on your porch, or anything else you like.
  • Take dried apples and turn them into shrunken heads! You just have to dry the apple cores, and then decorate them to look like spooky shrunken heads!
  • Make a fantastic spider web out of a trash bag! You’ll just have to follow the cutting instructions (like with a snowflake, but bigger) to make this great decoration.
  • With just a bit of Elmer’s glue and food coloring, you can make a spooky paste that looks like blood. Then, just put your hand in it and make some bloody handprints on the windows and mirrors!

25 Cheap Halloween Decor Ideas2

  • Make this super spooky cheesecloth ghost that stands up all by itself! I love this idea and I think it’s so cool that it’s transparent!
  • Make floating witches’ hats out of black construction paper and a bit of artistic creativity! You can even add little lights on the inside to make them glow!
  • Add some simple boards to your windows to make them look old and shuttered! Crisscross the boards across a few or all your windows and you’re good.
  • Turn old umbrellas into fun witches! You just decorate the handle like a leg and then add another leg to the inside to make it look like hanging witches!
  • Take your old tin cans and turn them into fantastic luminaries! You can punch out certain phrases or designs to spice things up!

25 Cheap Halloween Decor Ideas3

  • Make the lights in your yard become spooky ghosts by adding a few simply cloths! You just hang the cloth over the light to make it look tattered and spooky.
  • Take an old piece of wood and paint it to look like a cute little witch decoration. Add a little broom to complete the piece.
  • This idea is super easy. Just take some black lace and wrap it around your Mason jars. Then, put a light or candle in the Mason jar, and let it flicker through the lace!
  • Blow up some balloons, add alien faces to them, and then stick the glow sticks in the balloons. You now have eerie glowing balloon aliens to decorate your house with!
  • Buy a cheap white towel from the dollar store and then jazz it up with some fake bloody handprints! Use it as your “decorative” towel for the bathroom to give guests a good fright!

25 Cheap Halloween Decor Ideas4

  • Spray paint your pumpkins black except for one spot where you can have an orange design that shows through. Use these pumpkins to decorate your stairs, porch, or anywhere else.
  • Cut out scary eyes into toilet paper and paper towel rolls and put them around your yard. Then, at night, break glow sticks and put them in the rolls—you now have creepy critters in your yard!
  • Take two beach balls and add some scary monster eye designs to each one. Put the beach balls in the tree and it will look like a big monster is hiding in your tree!
  • Cutout shapes to put on the lamp shades in your home for some spooky silhouettes! You can do bats, ravens, crows, ghouls, etc. Whatever you like.
  • Make an illuminated ghost garland you can hang up anywhere. String ghosts together that are made out of simple cloths around a small ball or sphere. You can add some lights to the ghosts to make them extra spooky.

25 Cheap Halloween Decor Ideas5

  • Make a face out of your front door and entryway to get people into the Halloween spirit before they even step through the door! Choose a design that goes well with your entrance.
  • Take a Styrofoam ball and use it to make a ghost. Just put a drape over the Styrofoam ball and stake it into your yard for a floating eerie ghost.
  • Buy a cheap doormat and stencil on a great Halloween design or message. It can be a phrase or just a shape that is Halloween-inspired!
  • Make a giant spider out of Styrofoam balls and some pipe and tubing. Just attach them together to look like a big spider and then spray paint it black and add some creepy designs to it.
  • Cut out some shapes that you can put in your window. That way, whenever the lights are on, people outside will see spooky shapes in your windows!

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