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A Picture Perfect Holiday With These Picture Frame Christmas Crafts

Every year, after my kids visit Santa at the mall, I display the photo in a holiday picture frame. Since my eldest is 14 now, I have 14-holiday frames filled with the cutest pictures of my kiddos with Santa. And as much as I love this tradition, I’m finding it harder and harder to find a Christmas picture frame that I like. So this year, I plan on making my own instead! Keep reading below for some of my favorite picture frame Christmas crafts.
Looking for a fun and easy way to make some cute Christmas crafts. Well, you don't have to look too far. That's because Picky Stitch is going to show you how to turn an ordinary picture frame into an extraordinary Christmas craft idea. They are so easy to do and look so festive. You can design them for any home decor style. They also make excellent gifts. Picture yourself creating some awesome stuff! Keep reading for more info. #christmascrafts #pictureframecrafts
Picture Frame Christmas Crafts: Rustic
Pick up a large wooden picture frame at your local craft store along with some small wooden letters. Make sure that you pick a size that will easily fit on the picture frame itself. Paint the picture frame in a few coats of white chalk paint and hot glue the lettering on the frame so that it spells out a holiday greeting. Complete the look with a few sprigs of holiday greenery and fill it with your favorite holiday photo.

There is nothing worse than trying to find the perfect Christmas picture frame but not being able to. These picture frame Christmas crafts are the perfect solution to get the frame you want!

Picture Perfect Christmas Crafts: Plaid
The best part of these craft ideas is that you don’t even have to fill the frame with a holiday photo. You could fill it with something else for something just as festive. Start with a black picture frame and coat it in some chalk paint so that the black still shows through a little bit.  Remove the glass and throw it away, you will not need it. Cover the picture frame backing in your favorite holiday plaid and attach with hot glue on the other side. Next, write your favorite holiday greeting on a piece of burlap and a stencil. Place this in the middle of your frame and tie it off with a bit of greenery. And if you’d rather not make it, you can buy it here. 
I'm a big fan of having picture frames to match the time of year. These picture frame Christmas crafts will transform any picture frame to fit your needs.
Picture Frame Christmas Crafts: Farmhouse
I love the look of this picture frame because it really looks great in any house. To create, you’ll need a wooden picture frame in your desired size. Next, head to the hardware store and pick up some twisted molding, small enough that it will fit on the picture frame without being overwhelming. Paint the molding so that it looks like a twisted candy cane, let it dry, and then attach it to your picture frame for a little holiday spirit. Find the full tutorial here
Picture Perfect Christmas Crafts: Jingle Bells or Mini Ornaments
Head to the dollar store and pick up a string of Jingle Bells and an inexpensive picture frame. Separate the bells so that they are each individual, and hot glue them strategically around the edges of your picture frame. You could even use mini ornaments instead. Super adorable, right? 
If you love to decorate your home for Christmas, don't forget the picture frames. These adorable picture frame Christmas crafts will really add extra pizzazz to your home!
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