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Dollar Store DIY Holiday Home Decor – Christmas Wreath Made From Mini Christmas Trees

I love to make my own Christmas decorations whenever possible. It’s a great way to save money on holiday decor, and I’ve found that I have grown sentimental over the things I made myself over the last few years. If you’re like me and always looking for a cheap DIY Christmas decor project, try out the one below! You’ll need a few mini Christmas trees (found at the Dollar Store for practically nothing!) to create this amazing wreath! It’s such an easy DIY that you’ll want to make one for every door in your home. Find the tutorial for this Dollar Store DIY holiday home decor below:

Is the Dollar Store cool or what? That place is loaded with affordable ideas that just jump off the shelf. Today we are going to show you about one of those ideas. It is super cute and so easy. One stop shopping because all the stuff comes from The Dollar Store. Take a look at how easy it is to make this DIY holiday wreath using mini trees. I love crafts like these because it's hard to go wrong. Keep reading for more info about these wreaths. #dollarstorecrafts #holidaycrafts #DIYdollarstore

Dollar Store DIY Holiday Home Decor: Wreath 

Here’s what you’ll need….

-6 mini Dollar Store Christmas wreaths

-Floral wiring

-Wire cutters

-Hot glue gun

-Chalk paint (optional, if you want to make your wreath “snow-dusted”)

-Berries and other items for embellishments

If you like to DIY your own holiday decor, look here. These dollar store DIY holiday home decor ideas are amazing and easy to make.

Image from Dollar Tree

Step One

Remove the Christmas trees from their packaging, disposing of every portion of the plastic stand. You won’t need these to create your wreath. Next, group the trees in groups of two and tie the bottoms of the trees together with the wire and hot glue. Repeat this process two more times, or until all Christmas trees have been used.

Step Two

Now, place your bundles on top of one another so that they resemble a star shape. Use the wire and hot glue to attach everything together nicely. I always go a little overboard with my gluing and wiring. I want it to last for years to come, and I feel this is the best way to do so. Make sure that the bundle is attached so that none of the Christmas trees move around.

You can easily make this dollar store DIY holiday home decor wreath with the help of these tips. Learn how to here!

Image from Dollar Tree

Step Three

Now’s the time to spruce up the branches of your Christmas tree! They’re probably all flat and clumped together! Take some time to separate the branches and make it look like more of a tree. Trim the tops off of your trees as soon as everything is fluffed and assembled. If desired, now is a good time to dust the branches of your leaves with the white chalk paint. If you’d rather not, skip on to the next step.

Step Four

The final step is to cover up the wiring in the center of your wreath with berries, more pine needles, a big ribbon, or a mixture of all three. Just make sure that you arrange them in a way so that the wiring is covered up! Now all you have to do is find a perfect spot to hang it up.

If you're making an adorable dollar store DIY holiday home decor wreath, don't forget these berries. They will make it extra cute.

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