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Creative Wallpaper Ideas That Will Stick On You

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Wallpaper isn’t outdated OR old-fashioned! In fact, wallpaper is coming back and better than ever. Wallpaper is a great way to brighten up shelving or the inside of an old drawer! You can even use wallpaper to cover a piece of old furniture but my favorite thing to do is create an accent wall in the home. There are so many wallpaper ideas and patterns and it’s fun to brighten up a room with a wallpaper accent. These wallpaper ideas and prints are sure to stick on you, or at least something in your home! 😉

Before I begin sharing my wallpaper ideas with you, I figured I’d share where I purchase my wallpaper from! Though I frequent Home Depot for some wallpaper styles, one of my favorite places to purchase unique wallpaper is Houzz!

Also…before tackling any wallpapering project, make sure that you have the following things:

-Wallpaper knife

-Wallpaper smoother

-Wallpaper adhesive

-Wallpaper remover (for removing any old layers!) 

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