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Fun Valentines Day Games for Class Parties

Planning a classroom party for Valentines Day? Candy and treats are great….but your child’s teacher may hate you for it later. With these Valentines Day themed crafts you’ll become the best room mom. EVER.

Challenge the kids to “punch out” part of a heart. Store prizes in red solo cups covered in a few sheets of tissue paper. And naturally, you’ll need to arrange the cups in the shape of a heart. This is a game idea curtosey of Paige’s Party Ideas. 


Tic Tac toe, can you get three bugs in a row? Use strips of Washi tape to make a heart into a tic-tac-toe board. Use other toys if the bugs creep you out.

Pssst…if you get your toy bugs at The Dollar Store, you can send the kids home with a non-candy treat that your wallet will love. Game from Paige’s Party Ideas. 


Even if you HATE the taste of conversation hearts, one can’t deny that they are a Valentines Day necessity! Give each class member a box of conversation hearts and give them a minute to stack them as high as they can. One more from Paige’s Party Ideas. 


Have the kids play “matchmaker” this Valentines Day game. Stick the names of famous couples on the backs of the kiddos, and have them quiz each other to figure out who is on their back. This is a perfect game to play with 5th and 6th graders; it might be a little too advanced for younger children. Via The Purple Trail. 


Cut cardboard hearts in half and have members of the classroom find the other half of their heart. First one to do it gets a prize, and their perfect match! Credit for this fun game goes to Birthday In A Box. 


This game requires heart shaped bean bags…and well…that’s about it. Have kids take turns throwing the beanbags to a member of the classroom. The goal is to “catch” a heart. If you drop it, you’re out of the game! More at Very Well. 


Play a game of “Cupid says” that is literally the exact same game as Simon Says, but with Cupid giving the orders, instead!

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