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Put ‘Em to Work … Teen Summer Jobs

If your kids are anything like mine, you’ll probably start to hear the typical “Mom, I’m bored” complaint coming sometime around the end of June. It seems like even a month into Summer, the kids are bored from their vacation! I decided to take a page from my Mom’s book and every time my kids utter the phrase “I’m bored” they get assigned a chore of some sort. Since I’ve implemented this method, I’ve heard MUCH less about my kids being bored! Keep your kids entertained this summer, while keeping your house clean with a few of these great summer jobs for teens.

Even if doing chores is the last thing they wanted to do, at least they won’t be bored anymore. 😉

Send them outside with a watering can! I love when my kids help in the garden, and they get excited to see the fruits and veggies start growing. So much is learned in the garden!

Another great summer job for teens is weeding the garden or the flower beds. I had a childhood friend that went out and weeded every Saturday morning for an hour without fail. Their yard looked amazing!


Is it just me, or do all dogs just smell in the summer? It’s just the heat, I know, but it’s awful sometimes! Keep your pooch from stinkin’ up the place with a water hose, shampoo, and a kid or two. Don’t forget the towels and this guide from 101 Days of Organization. 

…Now, if only they’d stop rolling around in the grass immediately after they get out!


Have your kids clean up the car after a summer road trip or camping excursion. It’s probably all their mess, anyways! I’m always amazed at how much dirt and grime accumulates while road tripping, it’s as if the dirt was plotting to stow away with you!

For help cleaning your car…visit 101 Days of Organization or Wrapped In Rust. They’re the bloggers who told me about the super cool Magic Eraser car hack!


Yard sales are so common in my neighborhood throughout the summer. It’s like everyone gets bit by the “organization bug” all at once! This Summer, challenge your kids to go through their rooms and get rid of anything (in good condition) that they no longer use. Get the whole family involved and make it a yard sale! Participating in a yard sale will help teach kids the value of money, keeping a till, and running a cash register. Give them a percentage of the earnings!

Alternatively, you could donate your unused items to a local charity or thrift shop. It’s completely up to you, but make sure every item that you donate or sell isn’t just “junk.” It is perfectly okay to throw things away sometimes!


As a kid, this was the summer job that I dreaded the most! I could never ever get my lines straight. In the summertime, give your kids realm of the backyard. They’re in charge of moving, plant care, fertilizer, etc. Of course, parental supervision will likely be required to make sure things are being kept up on, but think of the landscaping skills your kids would leave the nest with.


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