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Room Mom Ideas for Valentines Day


We can all relate to one thing when planning a Valentines Day class party: it’s a little more than stressful. It can be hard to please your own kids, but pleasing a whole classroom of them? That’s a task in a league of it’s own. If you’re the room parent for this holiday party, stay tuned. I have several great ideas for you!

Use Candy Hearts to make this printable Valentines Day game even more seasonally appropriate. Plus, I’m sure you could save on printing costs if you talked to the teacher about using the school’s copy room.


This simple chocolate ring craft is sure to be a hit with all the students. You’ll need pipe cleaners (I find mine at Michaels, and for a bargain, too!) and chocolate kisses. You may have to give them step by step pipe cleaner bending lessons though..


Do you remember cootie catchers from when you were a kid? I certainly do. My friends and I had so much fun determining each other’s “fortunes.” Will your student like what they picked? Only time will tell!

Tic Tac Toe is a game easy enough for kids of all ages! Make it Valentines Day friendly by cutting a giant heart out of butcher paper (I bet you could find this at school, too!) and creating some felt heart-shaped markers. Tic Tac Toe, who can get three in a row?


For this game, challenge students to toss a heart shaped bean bag (reuse the ones you made for the previous game!) onto a grid full of exercises. It’s only a 10 minute game, but I’m sure it will get everyone off their behinds, and onto their feet! Time to burn off all that sugar!


After all that movin’ and shakin’ the kiddos probably need a little bit of rest! Have them rotate through the stations, and end up on an Angry Love Bird craft! They’re easy to make, and even a little relaxing! I’d use these as mantlepiece decorations!


It might be difficult, and not exactly cost efficient to provide one of these to every member of the class; but it would be adorable to make one for Teacher! Kids will enjoy placing their special crafts for their favorite teacher inside her light pink mailbox. I’d love something like this!


Lastly, one more craft to send your kiddos home with. And this one is the best of all; an EDIBLE necklace! Use a Twizzler, a Marshmallows and a candy heart (you know, the one you would find in a package of Runts?)



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