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Rustic Birch Wood Christmas Decor Crafts

Homemade Christmas decor is so fun to create. Especially when you can do so with things found around the house. This season, I have been all about birch wood Christmas decor. There’s something about it that looks so perfectly rustic and appropriate for the holiday season. Keep reading below to see how to create your own birch wood Christmas decor. These DIY decorations are so easy!
Bring the outside in this year for Christmas with birchwood Christmas decor crafts. The white bark is simply stunning and creates a rustic feel for the holiday. It's a great way to bring an outdoor feel inside without being cold. Its a win win for sure. If you want to bring nature or woodsy feel to your decor you can't go wrong with these rustic birchwood Christmas decor crafts. #rusticchristmasdecor #birchwoodholidaydecor #christmashomedecor

Rustic Birch Wood Christmas Decor Crafts

Bundle Of Birch Wood Logs

Looking for an easy birch wood DIY? Try this awesome project! Take a bundle of birch wood logs (found at Michaels) and display them in a wooden crate. This looks a little more elegant than say, a stack of normal firewood, but it still makes your home look and feel cozier.
If you love rustic Christmas decor, you will love these birch wood Christmas decor ideas. They are so cute and easy to make.

Birch Wood Tree Ornaments

You’ll need a jigsaw to carve out the shapes needed to create your own ornaments out of birch wood, but that is half of the fun if you ask me! To create, start with blocks of wood that are just bigger than your desired size of ornament. Once that step is complete, start working at the wood with your jigsaw to create your desired shape. Once cut out, finish things off with a piece of ribbon to hang your creation. Stars, snowflakes, and even little stockings are all perfect shapes you could create!
This birch wood Christmas tree ornament is the perfect addition to any rustic home. Here are some more birch wood Christmas decor ideas for your whole house.

Candle Holders 

Take a small birch log and cut it into pieces small enough to be candle holders. I like to have my sizing vary from 4-8 inches. After you have cut them, use a Dremel kit to hollow out the top of the log. This is where you will place the candles, so make sure that you make the hole big enough to accommodate them. After the Dremel hole has been created, stick your tea lights inside and light them up. Stick these in the window to create a cozy ambiance in your home.
Birch wood has been a staple in rustic decor. These birch wood Christmas decor ideas will be the highlight of your Christmas decor this year!

Birch Wood Centerpiece

Make Magazine has a great tutorial that will help you create a vase out of birch wood. Use the same tutorial and a slightly bigger piece of wood to create your own birch wood centerpiece. Once you have completed the tricky parts of this DIY, fill the container with a square of floral foam and create your own lush centerpieces. How incredible would these look on your holiday table?
Are you in need of a centerpiece this holiday season? Why not make one out of birch wood? These birch wood Christmas decor ideas are so cute and easy to make.

Wooden Snowman 

Cut the three logs (in varying sizes) so that they are all the same thickness. Once complete, stack the logs so that they look like a mini snowman and secure with a drill and screws. Complete the look by attaching sticks for the arms and small accessories for the face. You could even complete the look by adding a Santa hat up top! 
This reindeer is the perfect addition to any yard this Christmas season. For more birch wood Christmas decor ideas, look here!

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