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Sew To Your Heart’s Content: Valentine’s Day Decorations

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Valentine’s Day Decorations: Sewing projects are always fun, but even more so when they’re holiday themed! I always make it a point to decorate for Valentine’s Day with a few really special Valentines Day decor ideas that I’ve sewn myself. If you too like to sew your own Valentine’s Day decor, try one of these projects. Some of these DIY sewing projects are easy, while some require a little more expertise. Are you ready to start sewing?


Looking for something similar to start off? Cut triangles out of burlap or similar material and use your sewing machine to hem the edges (this prevents fraying). Once hemmed, use a stencil and some acrylic paint to spell out your desired message. Hang on a ribbon when dry and hang wherever you would like!I love to hang my homemade garlands above my mantlepiece, a long my banister, or on the wall behind my dining room table.

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