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Textile Art Is Weaving Its Way Into Homes

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I’m a big believer in fully decorating every room in my house. And by fully decorate, I mean I believe in making sure that every room has some kind of artwork or wall hanging! There’s something about a piece of artwork that really just ties a room together! The latest trend in hanging home decor is textile art, and I love the way it is seamlessly weaving itself into all things home. At this rate, textile art is going to become a home decor staple in no time at all! Warm up your home with a few of these textile art ideas perfect for any room! These are some of my favorite fabric art ideas!

Every sewer has a favorite fabric, I stumbled upon mine while searching for pieces for a quilt a few years ago. Everything about this fabric was perfect! Not only was the texture just right but the pattern of the fabric was simply delightful. Determined to showcase my favorite fabric for as long as possible, I decided to frame it as wall art! You can go big or small, it’s totally up to you, but frame your favorite fabric for beautiful wall art!

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