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15+ Seriously Great Christmas Gifts (for Everyone!)

‘Tis the season of giving! I love gift shopping for my friends and family! There’s only one problem, buying gifts can be incredibly expensive, and you shouldn’t stress out about the happiest time of the year! Here are 20 great gift DIY ideas, for those who want to make their gifts.



Find a fun and unique mug that you can give as a gift! Make sure it matches your friend or family member’s personality and will make them laugh or smile every time they see and use it!


Get a personalized cutting board that you can give as a great gift! You can get the person’s name on it, a special date, or even just a fun quote! If you already own a laser etcher, you can create your own design through Adobe Photoshop, and laser etch it onto a cutting board, glass mugs, or pretty much anything else. If you’re interested in the cutting board pictured below, you can purchase it here.


There are lots of people who are interested in their zodiac sign. If you know your friend’s birthday, get them a piece of jewelry that represents their zodiac sign. Etsy has a ton of ideas, including this beautiful constellation necklace. 

gift-ideas-3Another idea similar to the zodiac sign inspired jewelry, pick a ring or necklace that has your friend’s birthstone. Here is a list of all the birth stones according to birth month, and here is a link tothis beautiful Topaz bracelet from Alex and Ani. 


For your friend who likes to crack open a cold one every now and then to relax, then get them a wall mounted bottle opener! They’ll never lose their bottle opener, and it’s a great piece of wall decor in any home. This one is from Etsy, but these are also incredibly easy to DIY (here’s a tutorial!)


This is so cute and fun! Get a little cacti coaster stand that your friend can use. We all need coasters, and this is such a fun way to keep them around!


Get a monogrammed catch all plate that your friend can use to store jewelry, keys, and just about anything else. Get it in their favorite color, a cute pattern, or even customize it with their initials. Here’s a link to the plate above for purchase. However, you can totally DIY a catch all plate for your friend using specialized paint.


Find a really cute and fun phone cover that you can get for your friend and give as a present. There are seriously tons of options and ideas to choose from. Get this one from Posh Mark. 


If your friend is big on jewelry, then pick out a necklace from Etsy. It’s great to support small businesses, and many of the shop owners are willing to customize them according to what you want.


Get matching aprons that you and your significant other can use and share together! This is just a fun and silly gift, but it still looks cute!


Find an Etsy shop that makes and sell personalized picture frames. You should be able to customize it to a certain degree and then, when you get it, put a picture of you and your friend in it!


iPad stands are getting to be a staple for your kitchen, because a lot of our recipes are found online! Here is a great tutorial to DIY your own iPad stand. It’s a great gift for yourself, or someone else!


A super classic and traditional gift is a shirt. If you have a friend who loves Harry Potter, Star Wars, the Walking Dead, or even any musician, look on Etsy for a unique shirt! This one is great for witches and wizards riding the Hogwarts Express. 


If a friend or family member has recently had a baby, consider getting them a hat. The winter months can be incredibly cold, and it’s crucial to keep the little ones warm! You can DIY the hat if you know how to knit, or you can buy this baby hat from Etsy.


If you have a friend or family member who loves decorating their home, DIY one of these Christmas inspired pillows. Tutorials here! 


I love these things! These dinosaur planters are absolutely fantastic and they are a great way to get decorations and plants into your home or office!

gift-idea-14If you’re looking for a gift for Mom (or any other woman in your life) , look for a cute purse, backpack, or tote bag. The olive and brown colors of the bag pictured is perfect because it can go with anything! Purses go through a lot of wear and tear, and you can truly never have too many. TIP: Include a purse organization system so she always knows where everything is! Cross body bag pictured is from Etsy.


Spice up the dishware of you friend or family member by getting fun and unique bowls and plates! You can get all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes, and designs! The ones pictured are hand made, wheel thrown, and glazed by hand (and of course, from Etsy). This is a more expensive gift, but is sure to please anyone! A few years ago, my husband surprised me with a new set of dishes, and I literally almost cried. You can’t go wrong with new ceramic dishes.


Every year I get my kids a set of pajamas and slippers on Christmas Eve. They get so excited for their Christmas jammies, and I get excited because I also got a new pair. Give the gift of a pair of slippers filled with lotions, socks, and other luxurious goodies. Get the tutorial from Pretty Providence and make this perfect gift! I plan on filling a pair of fuzzy slippers for all of my friends. Such an easy idea!

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