Halloween decorations, DIY halloween decorations, decorating for Halloween, popular pin, fall holiday.
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25 of the BEST Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations, DIY halloween decorations, decorating for Halloween, popular pin, fall holiday.


25 of the BEST Halloween Decorations

  • Bats are a classic Halloween decoration, so you definitely want to use them! You can hang them up inside, in the yard, or on the front porch. Just have fun!
  • Decorate your doormat or get a scary one for your entryway! You can buy a plain doormat and then decorate it yourself to make a uniquely scary entryway mat.
  • Put silhouettes in your windows so that, when the lights are on, people outside will see spooky silhouettes! You can do as many as you want.
  • Take some old board and “shutter” some of your windows, making your house look old and abandoned. Just put the boards across your window to give it the effect.
  • Make or buy a Halloween wreath! There are tons of options and designs, so you can make or buy whichever one you like the most.

25 of the BEST Halloween Decorations2

  • I love this idea! You take some cheesecloth, place it on a stand, spray it with hairspray or something similar, let it dry, and then the ghost will stand all by itself! SO great and so spooky.
  • Buy one of those Christmas villages and spray paint everything black so that it looks like a haunted little village! Put it anywhere in the house you think is best.
  • Attach some witches hat to the ceiling and let them float around. You can even put little tea lights inside them so that they glow in the dark!
  • Turn your front yard into a cemetery with just a few tombstones and other decorations. You can even put your family’s names on the tombstones for added effect.
  • If you have furniture on your porch, then put some skeletons in them! It’ll look great and add a nice spooky feel to your home right away.

25 of the BEST Halloween Decorations3

  • Turn your door or entryway into a scary monster! Just add some eyes, maybe a few teeth or fangs, and you’re good!
  • Cut out scary eyes into empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls. You just put those in the yard and fill them with glow sticks and you have creepy eyes staring back at you at night.
  • Take some skulls and other classic Halloween decorations and put them in apothecary jars. Scatter them around the house and watch it freak people out!
  • Put a coffin in your front yard or porch! You could even make some sort of hand to look like a monster is trying to break out of it.
  • Take some beach balls and draw scary eyes on them. Then stick the beach balls in your tree, making it look like a monster is looking out from it.

25 of the BEST Halloween Decorations4

  • Paint some normal dolls to look like zombies. Stick them in your yard or around your house. Give them gray skin, red eyes, and ratty hair.
  • Use a pumpkin to make a scary ghoul monster. Use the pumpkin as the head and then make the rest of its ghangly body!
  • With a mixture of red food coloring and Elmer’s glue, you can make bloody hand prints. Just put them on windows or mirrors around the house.
  • Make a group of ghost children that are holding hands and playing in your front yard in a circle. Just use white cloth or other ghostly material to do this. So creepy!
  • Take your Halloween pumpkins and spray paint them black. Use a stencil to put some sort of Halloween pattern or design on it like a cat or bat!
  • 25 of the BEST Halloween Decorations5
  • Make spider sacks that hang down from your ceiling or porch and look like giant spider nests! Hang them near entrances so people have to go near them.
  • Or you could just make a big spider and some spider webs to decorate in and around your house. Make as many spiders as you think will be needed to scare people.
  • Buy a cheap towel from the dollar store and put bloody hand stains on it and keep it in the bathroom! It will freak your guests out for sure!
  • Make a gorgeously spooky fall terrarium that you can have around for Halloween. Put leaves and maybe some little tombstones or gangly tree branches.
  • Crows and ravens are perfect for Halloween. Get fake ones that you can put around your door or hang from the ceiling inside!

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