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12 Frugal Holiday Porch Decor Ideas

I love decorating my porch for the holidays. No matter if it is Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter, I always like to decorate when and where I can. Unfortunately, porch decor can get super expensive but you can save some serious money on these frugal front porch decor ideas.

Holiday porch decor, porch decor ideas, DIY holiday decor, popular pin, Christmas decor, DIY home, Christmas, Christmas porch decor.

Halloween Pumpkins

Get some pumpkins and paint them instead of carving them. You can even get foam or fake pumpkins since you’ll be painting over them! Use your imagination when it comes to the style because no pattern is off-limits. I love this frugal holiday porch decor idea.

Halloween Ghost

A super easy decoration for Halloween is a DIY ghost.  Simply hang a cloth around a Styrofoam ball and outfit it with eyes if desired. This holiday porch idea is really fast and it costs you almost no money!

Holiday Snowflakes

For Christmas time, cut out some snowflakes that you can put in the windows around your porch. There’s something so magical about paper snowflakes if you ask me.  I love this idea for front porch decor.

Holiday Greeting Sign

Make a fun festive sign that you can put on display on your front porch. You just have to find some material you want to make the sign out of (wood, metal, whatever you want) and then get some paint. Use this tutorial to help you put it together.

Firewood Storage

Instead of storing your firewood in the back or somewhere inside, store it on the front porch in a cute storage bin. It’s such a cute addition to your porch décor and is both practical and pretty! Perfect for Christmas.

DIY Wreath

Make your own wreath for whatever the holiday may be. For Christmas, make a traditional green one. For Halloween, make a black one, and for Thanksgiving, you can make one out of leaves! Check out this tutorial of mine that shows you how to make it out of real greenery if that interests you.

Front Porch Decor Pillows

If you have furniture on your front porch liven them up for the holidays with a few throw pillows. Just make sure that you bring them inside when the weather gets bad. Make your own with this tutorial.

Holiday Lanterns

Get glass holiday lanterns tins and fill them with the holiday items of Christmas! Put in some greens, a few berries and twigs, and maybe even some pinecones! It looks great and can go anywhere on the porch! I like to put these on the sides of my front door.

Holiday Doormat

Make or buy a doormat that works for your holiday. If you make your own, just buy a doormat that is blank from IKEA for less than $5 and use this tutorial to create a fun holiday design.

Porch Christmas Tree

If you have a mini indoor/outdoor Christmas tree, put it on your porch (don’t forget to decorate it, of course). Combined with a holiday wreath and a cozy throw pillow on a couch and you have the best front porch ever.

Multicolored Holiday Wreath

I’ve seen these multi colored ornament wreaths all over Pinterest, and I am seriously obsessed! Make one for yourself at Larson Outdoors.

Spooky Bats

For Halloween, cut out some bird and bats shapes from black paper and put them up around the porch. It’s super cheap and looks great!

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