8 Things You Can Do to De-Clutter Your Kitchen Right Now

8 Things You can Do to De-Clutter Your Kitchen Right Now

Because it’s probably one of the most frequented areas in your home, the kitchen can quickly and easily become a disaster zone full of clutter and mess. However, there’s no need to throw your hands in the air and give you; you can still get your kitchen decluttered! Here are some quick and easy things that you can do to make your kitchen a little less cluttered!

8 Things You Can Do to De-Clutter Your Kitchen Right Now


First off, you need to make sure everything in your kitchen has a place to go. If you have utensils, pans, or appliances that don’t belong somewhere, then the clutter will spread. You don’t need to get super organized, but making sure things can get put away where they belong will help you get started with decluttering.



Next up is your storage area. It seems like the amount of Tupperware and storage containers only grow, making it hard to keep it all organized. Whether your storage stuff is in a drawer, a cupboard, or on a shelf, make sure you have it neat and tidy. This means the lids are all in one spot (and hopefully easy to match to their partner container) and things aren’t just thrown together.


Clean Fridge

A clean fridge can be such a blessing and really makes your kitchen feel less cluttered. If you haven’t cleaned it in a while then take everything out and scrub it down really well. Then, before you place everything back inside, check all the food and throw away anything that is old or expired or your family hasn’t touched in days or weeks. You kill two birds with one stone if you do this!


Throw Things Out

Don’t just throw away the food in your fridge that have gone bad. Check all of your utensils and silverware and throw away anything that’s chipped, broken, or falling apart. After that, check the food in your cupboard and pantry to get rid of expired food. Periodically checking for expiration dates really helps thin things out and declutter your kitchen.


Junk Drawer

Now, some people are fully against junk drawers, but I believe they can serve a great purpose IF you use them wisely. Don’t just have a junk drawer where everything is thrown in carelessly. Keep your junk drawer, but make sure it’s organized. You can also get rid of the junk drawer completely, if you want; it’s your choice.


Under the Sink

Again, here’s another place in your kitchen that can use some periodic cleaning. Check under the sink and throw away any cleaning supplies that are empty or expired. You may also need to check for mold or water damage if you recently had a leak. Then, once you’ve thinned things out, get organized with racks, shelves, and any other storage device.


Unload Dishwasher

This may seem a little silly, but making sure you unload the dishwasher on a regular basis can really help the sink stay decluttered. This way you and no one else in the family has an excuse to not put dirty dishes in the dishwasher.


Spot for Papers

One of the biggest culprits in making your kitchen cluttered is papers. Papers somehow end up on the counters, on chairs, on the table, pretty much anywhere that there’s space. To fix this problem, simply get a paper organizer where you can stash away any documents that may want to wander.


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